New headphones at work = sanity restored

Back in the 90s when I worked at Thoroughbred Music I won a sales contest, a set of AKG K-44 headphones. Since I already had a pair of good studio headphones, which I still have and use for recording, I kept these in the box until this morning. Man, these sound really good and I can't hear any of the non-stop talking that going on here in the office. Why did I wait this long? New headphones at work = sanity restored. 


2 solo shows this week!

Hey friends, I've got 2 singer/songwriter shows in the next week. Swing by if you can and if you can work in the phrase "greased lightning" I'll buy you a beer. Shhhhh... don't tell anyone.

Here's the deets:

Monday, February 17th @ The Roswell Tap in Roswell, GA - 9:30pm - 10:00pm

Sunday, February 22nd @ Keegan's Public House in Kennesaw, GA - 9:00pm - 9:30pm

Both shows are free and both places have great food and drinks.


The Good Graces live on WREK

Hey, we played live on the radio! The mini-Good Graces with me, Kim and Monica headed over Tuesday night, got set up and strummed some tunes for you on the air. I especially loved the Q&A at the end of the show. The students did a great job!


The Good Graces North Carolina Mini Tour

It's always a good weekend we you can jump in the car and play some music for some new friends in some new towns and this weekend was no exception. On Friday The Good Graces headed up to Brevard and Shelby, North Carolina to play a few multi-set shows at the Oskar Brewery and the Dragonfly Wine Market in Brevard and Shelby respectively and bring the music to the masses.

Friday night, The Oskar Brewery was alive with a boisterous vibe with the beer flowing freely, hearty laughs with buckets of peanuts on every table. Ken Voltz from the Brevard Area Music Scene came out and shot a video and took a few pictures. He and his wife were very nice.

After the show we immediately headed to Shelby, NC and stayed with Kim's parents. They are so incredibly nice! The next day we kicked around a bit. I helped Kim shoot some footage for a Theme Music song she was working on out in a big field. Check out the video below.

Next up we headed into downtown Shelby where we stopped by the Shelby Music Center for strings where we got a big story about the guy that runs the factory, before arriving at the Dragonfly Wine Marker to get set up and partake in their beer tasting event. 

After setting up we walked around downtown a bit, took some pics and then returned to play a few sets. Super fun and the folks that own that place could not have been nicer. 



Had a great time playing at the Mammal Gallery last Thursday night. It was a really cold night, and apparently they don't have any heat in the building so we kept warm by rocking out with our friends, The Vincent Blacks and Silent and Listen. Here's some pics from the show below.

More pictures from the show. Click to enlarge.


The Good Graces Wine and Cheese Show tomorrow night!

Live from Wizkid Sound Studios, it's the first ever tGG Stageit show! Complete with wine & cheese! (BYOW&C) 

We'll be playing a very stripped-down (but with clothes on) set of selections from our new record "Close to the Sun," along with a couple of possible surprises (ooh!). Looking forward to connecting with some of our friends from across the globe!

To tune in, simply get your ticket from, and get online Feb. 1 at 4PM!


I'm not sure there's another band in town that can lock into a groove so solidly as PLS PLS. Once you set the foundation it's anything goes. So solid and fun.

PLS PLS Website

PLS PLS on Amazon

Camera: Nikon D810 / Lens 24-70mm f/2.8

Dan Dixon from PLS PLS


Hank & Cupcakes

Hank and Cupcakes brought out the dance party to the EARL last night. 2 people, drums, bass and a lot of 3D glasses. So fun!

Hank & Cupcakes


Hank & Cupcakes Website

Hank and Cupcakes Bandcamp

Camera: Nikon D810 / Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8



DAMS at the EARL

I headed out to the EARL again tonight and caught 3 great bands, DAMS, Hank & Cupcakes and PLS PLS. The drummer in DAMS really floored me!

Camera: Nikon D810 / Lens: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8


Parquet Courts, Predator, and Uniform at the EARL

Robyn and I headed out to the EARL on Friday night to catch Parquet Courts and grab some food. I've been digging this band for a good time now and their last few releases have just been fantastic. I have a feeling that the next time they come through town they're going to be playing a much bigger venue.

Parquet Courts on

The lighting at the EARL has been pretty challenging since they've replaced most of the bulb lighting with some LED lights, and while I understand the practicality of them, they seems to keep the stage pretty dim most of the time, and the color of choice most nights seems to be red. I knew the room was going to be sold out tonight so we got there pretty early and just stayed up front for most of the night which really paid off since the lights were so dim and it was so crowded. 

Camera: Nikon D810 / Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.8D



Had a chance to perform at a surprise birthday party at Murphy's in the Highlands last night with Kim. It was a mashup or mostly Good Graces tunes with a few Sunset District songs thrown in for good measure. It was a really fun night with great food and wine and a perfect run through practice for our upcoming shows in North Carolina next weekend. 

Speaking of which, here's a little plug for our 2 shows next weekend.

2/6/2015 - the Good Graces at Oskar Blues Brewery

2/7/2015 - the Good Graces at Dragonfly Wine Market in Shelby, NC


That One Guitar!

Hey friends! I'm getting ready to start scheduling some new photography sessions for my project, That One Guitar. What do you need? A good story about an instrument that you love and your pretty face. That's it! Please get in touch if you'd like to participate.


Musicians Local 404

Here's another new tune written for the Theme Music songwriting group on Facebook. The theme this week was "groups of people," and for some reason I got to thinking back about a building I would pass from time to time in Indianapolis at the corner of Delaware and Vermont near downtown with a big sign out front that said "Indianapolis Musicians Local No.3 A.F. of M." In my time up in Indianapolis I always wanted to go inside and check it out, but I never did.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.52.00 AM.png

So, I decided to give that sign a little twist, bring it home to Atlanta and I added the 404 area code to the title to give it a place for those that recognise it, without calling out Atlanta by name. It's a quiet little number with fireworks in the video. Hope you enjoy it.

Musicians Local 404

Sitting on roofs in the afternoon
Smoking cigarettes and smiling down at you, on you
They all want to know your name
But we’re quiet just the same

We play our part most every day
Something memorized, sometimes we stray away
Stuck in cars in the evening light
Hearing melodies from the traffic in the night, we might
Write a song and nothing more
Musicians Local 404

Early evening, take the stage
Hoping to see you for a moment in the haze
But the night is comes and goes
Smell of smoke on all our clothes
Unload our stuff out of the door
Musicians Local 404

Now off to sleep
To sleep so deep
To dream of you
A dream so true 

So I’ll write a song and nothing more
Spread out some papers on the floor
Hoping to see you at my door
Musicians Local 404


Stupid People!

This week for Theme Music I contributed some 12-string guitar on a tune called Stupid People, originally performed by The Crowd People. For the camera shot down the guitar next I used my Polaroid Cube camera and fastened it on the headstock with a rubber band. Pretty fun.

Drums - Joe Scinta, Bass - Joe Rogers, Electric 12 String - John McNicholas, Organ - Erik Ostrom, Acoustic and Mix - Bob Fenster, Claps - Christian Lipski, Vocals - Wendi Dunlap,  Mixed by John Fremer


The Sunset District live at the Roswell Tap 2015.01.13

Sometimes I play a little solo set during the week at different songwriter nights to try out some new tunes, have a few beers and get out of the house. Chip does a great job with the sound at the Roswell Tap and the talent is always top notch. Here's a few tunes from last night's show. I tried out a few new tunes and a few old ones for good measure. Enjoy.

This was supposed to be a live video post, but when I put the phone down to record my set last night I completely cut the top half of my body out of the shot, and the video was shot in portrait instead of landscape, so what you have is this decent sounding video of me playing sideways with my head removed. Oops. Rookie move.