That One Guitar... Jason Waller

Hey all, I've been working on a new photography project called, That One Guitar. It features some of my favorite photographers and one of their favorite pieces of gear. We do a quick a and dirty photoshoot and I chop it up and share it with the would. Easy! It's really been cool hanging with all these folks, even for just a few minutes and it's been great fun to shoot all these amazing instruments. OK, time to catch everyone up! I'm going to start posting them here on a regular basis and you can follow along in real time over at

If you'd like to participate I'd love to have you. Get in touch at:


Jason Waller

Jason Waller

Decatur, GA

Band: Waller

3/4 size classical guitar made by Montana Guitars

When my daughter was born (12 years ago) I would play my guitar for her and she would fall asleep. I would keep on playing until she woke up again and we would start the process over. The songs I wrote during this time were some of my first. Later on I bought her this child sized classical guitar which she dabbled with but she took a liking to the clarinet and is playing that in her school’s band. Of course her guitar is around the house and I pick it up and pluck out tunes when the mood strikes. I am now the proud father of a baby boy and the tradition of playing music for the baby continues. My son loves the guitar and the songs I sing to him. If he doesn’t like it he will let me know and I will change the tune till it pleases him.

Songwriting is a very personal exercise and my family means a lot to me so they work there way into my songs. My 8 year old step-son has taken a liking to bluegrass music and just bought a Jimmy Martin CD while he was in Nashville with his Grand Parents. The Montana guitar is special because it belongs to my daughter and has been a part of many songwriting sessions with her and my sons! Maybe one day my daughter will take the guitar and write a song but until then ill keep putting it to good use and keep it in tune.

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SXSW 2014 - A few tips from the expert (me)

I know it's a few months off, but if this is your first year attending SXSW, might I offer you a few tips for a fun and pleasurable time? Trust me folks, I'm a doctor.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 4.04.44 PM.png

Never pass up the following:

  • A chance to recharge your phone.
  • A clean bathroom.
  • Free BBQ.
  • Free beer.
  • Earplugs.
  • Breakfast burritos.
  • All other types of burritos.
  • Free bottled water.
  • Free snack bars.



  • Standing under a tree full of grackles.
  • Parties with beer pong as the primary form of entertainment.
  • Start up parties = frat parties.
  • Pedicab drivers that ask you for directions. 
  • "The kids." It's Spring Break that week. Be thankful that St. Patty's Day isn't happening at the same time THIS YEAR. OMG. OMG.



  • Comfortable shoes. I'm not kidding.
  • See the bats. Everyday around sunset. Go. Just don't stand under where they come out. #poop.
  • Beers on Rainey Street.
  • Shopping on South Congress.
  • SXSJ.
  • Pedicabs.
  • Lunch/Dinner at Bangers.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hoodie, and an umbrella. Austin weather is insane in March with the winter/spring swap over. A few years back it was 90 one day and the next day it was 20.
  • Stubb's BBQ for dinner or a show.
  • Plan your day but be prepared to throw all your plans in the trash at a moments notice when something cooler comes along. This will happen 6 times a day. Embrace it.
  • The free bike rentals for badge holders are a quick way to get around.
  • Walk up and down Sixth street at 2am on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • Talk to total strangers. You never know who you might meet. I had a great chat with a guy in an elevator that turned out to be Guy Kawasaki, and I bumped into Lou Reed on the street.
  • Take advantage of all the SXSW badge perks. The free snacks and drinks tent across from the Convention Center is a great place to catch your breath and plan your day.
  • Drink lots of Jo's coffee.
  • When possible, sit down, you're tired.
  • Look for celebrities at the airport. They all come and go through here. I've seen so many random folks at the food court.
  • Death Metal Pizza.
  • A big glass of water and some aspirin before bed is never a bad idea.
  • RSVP TO EVERYTHING. Figure it out later.
  • Hi-Five every famous person you see. 
  • Take the Bus. The "Airport Flyer" runs directly from the Airport to downtown and back with just 2 or 3 stops. It costs $1. Do it. 



  • Wait in a line so long you'll never get in.  Move on quickly to your number 2 or 3 option. Get to your destination at least 15 minutes before it starts, earlier if you want to be 100% sure you get in. Sometimes you can stay through back-to-back sessions, sometimes they clear the room first. The badge line is the obvious exception.
  • Don't sleep. Seriously. You can do that when you get home. Go have fun. You can operate on 4 hours sleep for a few days in a row. Sleep on the plane ride home. 
  • Don't check a bag if possible. 10,000 people leaving Austin at the same time can make for a hell of a check-in line at the airport.
  • Don't grab too much swag like t-shirts and heavy stuff unless, like me you pack so light that you need the free shirts just to get through the week. If you HAVE to grab all that free swag, mail all your dirty clothes to yourself so you've got room in your bag. Hotels like the Hilton will take all your stinky clothes and put them in a box for you. They will stare at you disapprovingly, but they will make it happen.
  • Don't overpack. Austin is a modern city and you can buy anything you need.  

The Good Graces in North Carolina This Weekend!

Hey friends, this weekend I'll be in North Carolina. Chapel Hill on Friday and Wilmington on Saturday, to be exact. If you're out that way I'd love to catch up and share a coffee or a drink and see your face. What brings me your way? Well, The Good Graces are playing a few great shows with our friend John Harrison's new project, Lakes&Woods. Hope to see your face!


Friday night, January 10th, at the Cave in Chapel Hill

The Cave

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Saturday night, January 11th in Wilmington at Bourgie Nights, which is connected to Manna Avenue

Manna Avenue

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