Show Review - The Good Graces at Slims in Raleigh

A nice little mention of The Good Graces when we played in Raleigh a few months back on tour

As I listened to the highlights of their set, guitarist John McNicholas’s “Warm in Wisconsin” and singer Kim Ware’s response entitled “Cold in California,” I was struck by how the venue’s layout could make a gathering of 30 or 40 people feel almost like a packed house.


Some new songs in the works!

Hey friends, it has been way too long since we've updated the blog and I wanted to say hello, so hello! Currently The Sunset District is waiting to get our records back from United Pressing in Nashville, and once we do we're going to work on a video and plan our release show! But, in the meantime we're already working on a few new tunes in the studio. 4 songs to be exact. Check out the little teaser trailer below!